ruTorrent WebUI Slots from only £3.95

Slots on shared servers from only £3.95, Unlimited Traffic, 1Gbit Network upto 2TB of Storage

A Whole YEAR from ONLY £29.95!!


Dedicated Servers from only £19.95

Powerful Dedicated servers from only £19.95. Upto 1Gbit network and 30TB of Storage!

Cheap prices, Large Storage options, Unlimited traffic/bandwidth, Unlimited Torrents! ruTorrent and Windows seedboxes to suit your needs! Excellent Value!


What we offer

Large Storage Options

With storage options ranging from 250GB up to 30TB we have options to suit all needs and pockets.

Unlimited Traffic

We are able to offer TRUE unmetered and unlimited bandwidth. Whether you want to seed 1TB upto 100TB a month we have the network capabilities and the infrastructure to handle the traffic.

Powerful Software

We use the powerful ruTorrent Webui which comes packed with features. The design of ruTorrent is very simple and works a lot like the windows based uTorrent client.

Free Data Transfer

Already have a Seedbox somewhere else and looking to move? will move all your data for you. All we need is your current FTP details!